Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something in the Air

The dirt in the air is palatable today. It has blocked out the sun, and it is noticeably cooler. Finally, after the busy weekend, I have a day off. I am writing thank you notes, watching recorded tv programs on my mac, and working on my Puzzle Logic book.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ordinary day

Just a day. Just an ordinary day. Well, not quite. I got back on schedule with my morning workouts. This morning I managed to run 15 minutes before quitting. The treadmill is still getting the best of me. I was locked out of my favorite shower trailer. (It's the small pleasures in life.) So I was forced to use the yucky one. I arrived at work early to finish up business from yesterday. As soon as I was done, it was time to get started with today's work. Lunch was a half-hearted attempt at Mexican cuisine. The afternoon greeted me with an additional headache which leaked into after hours. The party never stops here. Today I am thankful for the calling cards donated by ATT through the USO and for the care package sent by The Cookie Lady & Friends. Thank you all.